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Oct 17, 2012 11:00pm EDT
he's got a five point ppan. governor romney doeen't have a five ppint plan. he has a one point &pplan." 11-17 romney: "mr. presiient, have you looked at your pension? have you looked pnoo, i don't look at y "you pension. it's not as big as yours so ittdoesn't take as lon" long."president obama... had a pot of ground... to make upp.. after... mitt romnne... domiiated... the... irst debate...//.this time... p it... looks like... c-n-n... poll .. - .... finds... 75 percent of ppople... president... did better... last night.../ &pwon...// the... town-hall debate... gave the candidatee... a... chance answer questions... from voters...//. they... touched it... waa one comment... governor rrmney made... about... hiring women .../ talking...// &p"i went to a numberrof women' groups and saad can yyu help brought us whole bindees full of women. i was prrud of the fact that after i sstffed my that the univvrsity of new all 50 states and coocluded of - that myymine had more women in than any othee staae in america" pmerica."that... comment... started a
Oct 2, 2012 11:00pm EDT
quality iigredients briig in customers. p whhre this chinese ounn a 3 obama and romney square off tomorrow night. how their bodd language will tell you as much as their words. a dog is it and dragged for 111miles. how it ended up wwth just a fewwsccatchee. aú aú &pthey've... been... practicing... for days...///. tomorrow... .president obama... and... mitt romney.../ square off... in their... debate.the presiddnt... holds... a... small lead... over... rooney... in many polls...///.that's... why local... political science rofessor... debate... is so critiial./.. ccndidates. (kromer) "at this point in time, it's obama's toolose, so romney's behhnd in the polls, he's behind in a lot of he majoo swing states that republicans have to win likk ohio to win the presidency. he nneds to come out, anddromney needs to demonstrate that e can clearly articulate his during the first presidential debate tomorrow night, some experts will be busy analyzing the body lannuage of the two during the presidential debate wednesday night, university of maryland rofeesor karen brad
Oct 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
... drugs ...played aapart. 3 pn round one of the presidential debates, pepublican challenger mitt romney came out focused and aggresive. meanwhhle - president obama's post debate reviews today have been less than stellar. mike kallleyer res reports f(((ake sot))obama: "..we all know that we still haae alot pf work to do.."((take vo))and if you believe the post debate reviews -- even from ddmocrats -- the president has alot of debate..((take sot))leland: "thh president needs to better ((take o))democratic ng.""- strategist david leland says obama did just fine -- and agrees that mitt romney mayy have won round one..((take sot))leland: ".he did a good &pjob...he's a good talker. he' like a used carr salesman....but then you oppn the hood and see its a clunker.."((takeevo))stiil - the prrsident hasstaken crrticism for lacking energy and aggresiveness...wh ichhcould be a hite house sttategy..((ttke sot))kreger: "..let's not have any unforced eerors and come put and plaa vo))polltical science analyst - jonathhn kkeger has seen this before..((take sot))kreger: "incumbant presidents uuually
Oct 5, 2012 11:00pm EDT
... as fast... as we'd like.../, but ... is... at least... going in... the right direction...///.romney... ssys ...the unemployment... rrte is down - / not.... because... mooe people... are inding work - / but... priiarily because... so many have stopped looking... for a nee job altogetherr obama says: "today's neww certainly is not an excuse to try to tall down the economm to score a few pooiticaa points. it's a reminder that to turn back now. "ome tooofar "romney ssys: if the same ssare of people were today as on the day the kforce president got elected, why our unemployment rate would be around 11%. that's the real realityyoo what's happeniig out there." &p find ouu why the a-a-r-p... does not want the pressdent to mention themmagain... that baltimore dot com and click on our vote 2012 icon under hot topiis. 3 bad day for the komen mmrrland race for the cuue fund. fundraiser.organizers ay as the 20th annual event approaches in hunt valley....registrationssfor the run....walk ..... are off 42 percent and donations are down 55 percent.... the experts say its mo
Oct 9, 2012 11:00pm EDT
bird to attack romney. one sneeze snneze bless you. how this doo became famous overright. an attorney gets decked in court. why his client decided to attack. kw@ sesame street or wall many criticssare asking about president obama's latest campaign which uses big birr to mock mitttromney for proposing cutssto pbs funding.......take a look 33ok 3 today on baltimore's wbal radio station political commentator c4 and his 3ssue.....//take sot// - while we are talling about 20 percent of the budget which is wherr the pbs monny ii in 80 percent of the budget is talk about the big parts that's my whole point. point. this ssatement today ttat says....we have apprrved no ourrgeneral practice have requested thht the ad be taken down.... that brings us to our question of theeday. do you think the "sesame street" political ad is effectiie? &peffective? heed to our facebook page and let us know what ou think. just search for fox baltimore and join the debate. debate. bless you littte one. how allergies madd this puppy famous overnight. an attorney
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5